Strategic Plan & Objective of ABC

Bhutanese communities after several years living in various parts of Canada in a vast geographical landscape, our social and cultural connection has been distance. Many local communities have been formed and working for their local organization. Discussion have been ongoing among Bhutanese community leaders for many years to form a national level organization which can represents and creates common platform to reconnect Bhutanese communities in regional and national level in Canada. After the massive discussion of Bhutanese communities’ leaders across Canada on September 29, 2021, have decided to form an organization called “Association of Bhutanese in Canada” (ABC)which is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious, and non-governmental organization.

The purpose of this association is to build a common platform for collaboration, interaction, growth, development, social, and cultural connection. The association works to promote the best interest of its members and associated Bhutanese Nepali communities organization across Canada within the guided mission and vision of the organization as stated details in the bylaw. The association is federally incorporated and registered on October 15,2021.The association has following strategic plans and objectives:-

Bringing all the Bhutanese families and organization residing across Canada in one common platform. Connect them via various mean of social media, interaction, websites for the common goals and objectives.

To engaged youths, adults, and seniors to actively participate in various social, musical, sports activities to preserve and promote our cultural heritage and values as well as create connection.

To build a common platform for collaboration, interaction, growth, development, social and cultural reconnection. 

To support language, music, arts, sports, youth leadership, their telants and inspire them for higher education.

To organized social and cultural event to bring members and members organization together annually.

To organized Annual General Meeting (AGM) to discuss strategic action plan for the best possible outcomes for the communities in different regions of the country.

Raise funds for special event and financial support to individual in special situation as determined by the board.

Promotes and improve social and community networking among the Bhutanese communities living across Canada by creating a multidisciplinary and coordinate team of experts.

Apply for funding and grants to conduct program or activities which can contribute in promoting the cultural values and common goals for all the Bhutanese communities and invividual.

Establish and strengthen relationship with other diverse local nonprofit community organizations to learn, share and exchange our cultures, values within the framework of canadian multiculturalism.

Promoting our fundamental cultural diversity equally within the diverse communities of Bhutanese living in Canada and southern Ontario.

To support the telants and growth of artists in music, arts, and sports and their interest by establishing and strengthening the connectivity of members and the organization.

Organization from city and county can operate independently in meeting their own objectives, mission, and vision as guided by their bylaw, board and local jurisdictions.ABC operate independetly and provide bridge between the intercities and interprovincials Bhutanese communities.

Any faith group, heritage language school, or religious organizations within the Bhutanese community can be affiliated and operate independently in meetings their own objectives and missions without interfering the mission and vision of ABC.

The members of a board of director of local city/representative/coordinator can be a board member of Association of Bhutanese in Canada without any vested interest of their cities’ communities in various capacities.

Bhutanese-Nepali Speaking, Bhutanese or descendant, and Nepali speaking who is directly related to original Bhutanese by blood and marriage can express interest and elected to serve as a board member.

ABC’ represents, reflects, Bhutanese Nepali identity and inspire to the blooming cultural diversity in Canada in present and future.

ABC will continue to do consultation to its associated members and communities to inovate strategic plans and visioning for future.

The Current board of ABC will call AGM and elected the board members within the period of one year.