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Association of Bhutanese in Canada (BCA) is a registered non-profit community organization. Its mandate is to preserve its cultural values and engage other multicultural communities through various social and cultural events for the development of the community and fostering diversity and multiculturism in Canada.

Bhutanese community and individual, after several years living in various parts of Canada in a vast geographical landscape, our social and cultural connection has been distance. Many local communities have been formed and working for their local organization. Discussion have been ongoing among Bhutanese community leaders for many years to form a national level organization which can represents and creates common platform to reconnect Bhutanese communities in regional and national level in Canada.

The first historical meeting held among the Bhutanese-Nepali community leaders in various part of Canada on 6 day of September ,2021 have decided to form an umbrella organization named Association of Bhutanese in Canada” (BCA)” which is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious and non-governmental organization. The Association works to promote the best interest of its members in a regional and national level within the guided mission and vision of the association as stated in the bylaw. The Association is committed to promote its socio-cultural values and contribute towards social connection among the Bhutanese communities across Canada through various social activities like Arts, Music, Sports, and other social events.

The “Association of Bhutanese in Canada” which is an independent, non-profit, non-political, non-religious, and non-governmental organization. The purpose of this association is to build a common platform for collaboration, interaction, growth, development, social, and cultural connection. The association works to promote the best interest of its members and associated Bhutanese Nepali communities across Canada within the guided mission and vision  as stated  in the bylaw. The association is federally incorporated and registered on October 15,2021.

The Association aims to preserve Bhutanese-Nepali culture, language and fundamental social identity of the  Bhutanese communities living in various part of Canada. The association is committed  to promote socio-cultural values of the Bhutanese- Nepali communities and  preserve for the future generation within the multicultural framework of Canadia


I. Association of Bhutanese in Canada is a non-profit organization, that promotes and collaborate common platform for the diverse Bhutanese communities residing across Canada to continue cultural heritage, social values, and connectivity to present and future generations.

II. The association strongly believes that engaging youth, seniors, children, and supporting their talents would help in perseveration of our culture, language as well as contributes in fostering multiculturism in Canada.

III. Bringing all the Bhutanese families and organizations residing in various parts Canada in one common platform and connected them via various mean of social media, websites for the common goals and objectives


I. Preserving and promoting diverse Bhutanese fundamental cultural values, social identity, and heritage language through community participation within the multicultural framework of Canadian Society.

II.Strengthening friendship, social connection and building youth leadership to bring all the Bhutanese communities in across Canada together to achieve common goals through training, musical event, sports, and other activities.

III.Visioning inclusiveness in diversity and creating awareness on anti -racism, anti- discrimination, inequality and supporting wellbeing and mental health of youths, adults, and seniors by providing education, workshop. As well as, by sharing tools and resources with an ultimate goal to contribute and inspire in the blooming cultural diversity in Canada.

A Glimpse of History:

The Bhutanese Nepali are descendants of Nepalese migrants that settled in Southern Bhutan in the late 1890s. Originally recruited by the Government of Bhutan to clear the jungles of Southern Bhutan in the late 1890s, they were called Lhotshampas, meaning ‘People from the South’. Over time the Lhotshampas prospered in Bhutan and became high-ranking government officials and educators by the end of 1980. They made up 45% of the population of Bhutan and the booming economy of the country.

Beginning in the early 1990s, members of an ethnic minority population living in southern Bhutan began to flee rising levels of violence and persecution at the hands of the Bhutanese government. Denied their citizenship rights due to religious and cultural differences, the group eventually sought protection in UNHCR-established refugee camps in Nepal. Ultimately, the number of refugees swelled to over 100,000, housed in seven camps in eastern part of Nepal.

Several years  living in the refugee camps with the hope of returning to their own homeland to Bhutan were unsuccessful. In 2007 the international communities initiated the third country settlement for Bhutanese Refugees who have been confined in the refugee camps over two decades in Eastern Nepal. Around 6500 Refugees settled across Canada as part of the Resettlement process initiated by the Federal Government of Canada and started their new lives in Canada  beginning of 2009.Today majority of this community have settled in Lethbridge AB, Southern Part of Ontario as well as remaining in many parts of Canada and continued to add another cultural value to this beautiful city country. 

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